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Works on designing NGLP and ISRS in the Khabarovsk Territory have been commenced

Система приема, хранения и регазификации СПГ блочный пункт подготовки природного газа для нужд ТЭС-135 при ООО Ставролен Комплекс сжижения природного газа (КСПГ) в п.г.т. Карагай Установка сжижения гелия ОГ-500. г.Оренбург Игора Кингисепп Губкинский Петродворец Сосново

Gazprom Gazenergoset OJSC considers projects of autonomous gasification of settlements in the Perm and the Khabarovsk Territory as higher-priority ones in 2012-2013. Land plots have been selected and agreed in these regions, design and survey works are in progress and engineering drawings are being prepared.

Gazprom Gazenergoset OJSC begins construction of a Liquefied Natural Gas Production Plant (capacity 13 thous. tones of LNG per year) and a Storage and Regasification Station in the scope of the State Autonomous Gasification Program in Komsomolsk-on-Amur (the Khabarovsk Territory). These facilities will provide consumers with up to 18 mln. cubic meters of gas annually. It will be used by 7 boiler houses.

Gazprom Gazenergoset OJSC projects in in the Perm and the Khabarovsk Territory will be put in operation by the end of 2013.

Cryogastech LLC specialists have proceeded with development of the Process part of these projects. Geological surveys are conducted at the sites. 

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