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"Bulletin of International Academy of Refrigeration" magazine is issued

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The International Academy of Refrigeration has been issued the International scientific and theoretical magazine dedicated to development projects in all directions of refrigeration and cryogenic equipment and technology, air conditioning, working media, issues of environment and energy saving since 1998.

An article written by Yaritsa V. A., Cryogaztech LLC employee, called as "To calculation of phase equilibrium diluted solution separation processes with production of especially pure products" is published in the magazine issue No. 2, 2012. The proof of the fact that the diluted solution of propylene-propane obeys the perfect gas laws is given in this article. Therefore the phase equilibrium constant value of diluted solution can be calculated as a relation of propane saturated vapor pressure to propylene pressure in fractioning column and that allows considering that the number of theoretical plates is equal to the number of mass transfer units. 

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