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Works on designing NGLP and ISRS in the Perm Territory have been commenced

Система приема, хранения и регазификации СПГ блочный пункт подготовки природного газа для нужд ТЭС-135 при ООО Ставролен Комплекс сжижения природного газа (КСПГ) в п.г.т. Карагай Установка сжижения гелия ОГ-500. г.Оренбург Игора Кингисепп Губкинский Петродворец Сосново

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a state-of-the-art type of fuel produced by liquefaction of natural gas using cryogenic technologies. Liquefied natural gas in its operating, economic and ecological properties compares favorably with other types of fuel. Firstly, LNG possesses all advantage of natural gas. Secondly, energy concentration in LNG volume unit is almost 600 times more than in gaseous state. In addition storage and use of liquefied natural gas is considerably more safe that storage of compressed natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. In spite of all advantages and the largest natural gas reserves in the world there is no a unified LNG production and consumption system in Russia.

Currently five LNG production plants operate in Russia. The main of them have been built with the participation of Cryogaztech LLC and located in the Leningrad region.

A decision on construction of a unified LNG production and consumption system in the Perm Territory has been made in the scope of Gazprom OJSC Region Development Program. In the scope of this Program it is planned to build an LNG Production Plant in the area of Karagay settlement and three pilot storage facilities in Ilyinskiy, Karagay and Siva districts of the Perm Territory. Cryogastech LLC specialists have proceeded with development of process solutions for these projects. Geological surveys have been commenced at the sites. 

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