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RF Government Ordinance No. 37 of 27.01.2012 has been approved

Система приема, хранения и регазификации СПГ блочный пункт подготовки природного газа для нужд ТЭС-135 при ООО Ставролен Комплекс сжижения природного газа (КСПГ) в п.г.т. Карагай Установка сжижения гелия ОГ-500. г.Оренбург Игора Кингисепп Губкинский Петродворец Сосново

RF Government Ordinance No. 37 of 27.01.2012 "Concerning introduction of changes in basic provisions on formation and state regulation of prices for gas and rates of services on its transportation in the territory of the Russian Federation" was published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta on February 8, 2012.

Costs for liquefaction, transportation and storage of liquefied natural gas in accordance with this Ordinance will be included in pipeline gas rates. Thus the price for end consumer will not depend on gas delivery method. This Ordinance shall initiate development of low-capacity production and consumption of liquefied natural gas. The text of the Ordinance can be found in our "Articles" section.

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