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Participation in the meeting on implementation of program "Development of Gas Supply and Gasification in the Tomsk Region for 2013-2018"

Система приема, хранения и регазификации СПГ блочный пункт подготовки природного газа для нужд ТЭС-135 при ООО Ставролен Комплекс сжижения природного газа (КСПГ) в п.г.т. Карагай Установка сжижения гелия ОГ-500. г.Оренбург Игора Кингисепп Губкинский Петродворец Сосново

A series of meetings concerning gasification of the following settlements with liquefied natural gas were held in the Administration of the Tomsk region on January 22-24, 2014: Bakchar, Podgornoe, Teguldet as well as Voronovka village in Shegarskiy district of the Tomsk region.

Reznikov M. L., a Deputy Governor for Industry and Fuel and Energy Complex of the Tomsk region held the meeting. Cryogaztech LLC was presented by Kutsak M. Y.

A question of construction of Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant of capacity 6 tones/hour unique for Russia and liquefied natural gas intake, storage and regasification plants for gas supplying the abovementioned four settlements was discussed at the meeting.

Implementation of the project will allow gasifying municipal boiler houses, enterprises and organizations as well as over 4 thousand flats and private houses of these four villages in the Tomsk region.

Land plots on which LNG regasification stations would be built were determined during field work. The plots for future liquefied natural gas intake, storage and regasification stations are located outside settlements and meet all relevant requirements.

The Conference participants have managed to visit projects which are planned to be maintained using liquefied natural gas. First of all these are boiler houses. They have also visited entrepreneurs who heat their premises by diesel fuel or electricity today but being ready to reconstruct premises and to purchase gas boiler plants or individual heat supply units.

According to the Gasification Project Implementation Plan the dreams of natural gas for inhabitants of Bakchar, Voronovka, Podgornoe and Teguldet will come true in the nearest 2–3 years.

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