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LNG Storage System in Priozersk

Cryogastech LLC specialists have taken part in designing, construction and commissioning of the site.

The LNG Storage System is designed for gas supply to Priozersk, the Leningrad Region.

A Liquefied Natural Gas Intake, Storage and Regasification System of capacity 600 nm3/hour (LNG ISRS-2-25/0,6-600) has been implemented in the scope of this project.

The system provides intake of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from mobile vehicle LNG tanks, LNG storage with minimum losses, LNG regasification and natural gas supply to consumers with nominal flow rate 600 n m3/hour at working pressure max. 0.6 MPa and temperature min. -10 °С.

The Intake, Storage and Regasification System consists of the following equipment:

- two vertical cryogenic tanks RCV-25/1,6 of capacity 25 m3 each;

- two atmospheric vaporizer units each consisting of 5 vaporizer units IA-6,5/55;

- two gas heaters Н1 and Н2 each of which has 6 heat tapes ENGLEх-1-2,08/220-20,88 of total power 12.5 kW.

- shut-off and safety valves;

- pipeline manifolds;

- parameter control and measuring systems with an automated operator workstation;

- built structures and auxiliary equipment.

Natural gas meeting GOST 5542-87 and fed to medium pressure pipeline for distribution to customers is at the production site outlet. 

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