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LNG Storage System in Siva District, the Perm Region

Gazprom Promgaz OJSC favorable review has been received.

Three first settlements (Ilyinskiy, Nerdva and Severniy Kommunar) in the Perm Territory to which natural gas will be supplied using LNG technology without use of cross-country gas pipelines have been selected in the scope of implementation of Remote Regions Gasification Program.

Siva district is located in the eastern part of the Verkhnekamskaya Upland in the midstream of Siva river. The Verkhnekamskaya Upland is the upland in the heads of Kama and Chepets rivers within the boundaries of Udmurtia, the Perm Territory and the Kirov region of Russia. Administrative center: Siva village; it is located at the distance 163 km from Perm.

Administratively the area of the liquefied natural gas intake, storage and regasification facility (LNG ISRS) is located at the site near Severniy Kommunar settlement, Siva district, the Perm Territory located in 65 km from Vereschagino railroad station (on Moscow – Perm line).

Siva district is a district located at the west of the Perm Territory. It borders the Komi-Permyatski Autonomous District at the north, Udmurtia and the Kirov region at the west, Vereschagino district at the south and Karagay district at the east. The extension from the north to the south is 80 km; the extension from the west to the east is 30 km.

The built "LNG Storage and Regasification System in Siva District of the Perm Territory" (LNG ISRS) complex is a part of unified technologically interconnected system for liquefaction, storage, transportation and regasification of LNG in the Perm Territory.

LNG ISRS installation is designated for LNG intake via discharge unit from refueling truck, its long-term storage with minimum losses, regasification and subsequent supply to consumers' gas networks.

The created LNG ISRS in terms of its technology and solutions is similar to the one built in Ilyinskiy district. It is made to increase reliability and unification of solutions and that allows operating and maintaining using minimum number of personnel and equipment.

LNG ISRS consists of two LNG intake, storage and supply tanks of capacity 50 m3 each and two parallel sets of atmospheric vaporizers of capacity 1000 nm3/hour each.

The equipment operation is automated to the maximum and performed manually in case of connecting a filling truck to LNG discharge unit only. Information on condition and parameters of equipment operation is transmitted both to a local control point and to the Control Room of LNG Plant. That guarantees timeliness of gas supply and safety of the complex operation.

Natural gas meeting GOST 5542-87 and fed to medium pressure pipeline for distribution to consumers of nearby settlement including private houses and municipal boiler plants is at the production site outlet. 

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