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LNG Storage System in the Khabarovsk Region

LNG intake, storage and regasification system near municipal boiler house in Mnogovershinniy settlement of Nikolaevskiy municipal district, the Khabarovsk Territory

Gazprom Promgaz OJSC favorable review has been received.

LNG ISRS is a unified technologically interconnected enterprise for production, shipment and transportation of LNG with its subsequent regasification and supply to low and medium pressure networks for gas supply to consumers.

LNG ISRS consists of LNG intake, storage and supply tanks and two parallel sets of atmospheric vaporizers combined with each other. Electric gas heater providing gas heating in winter conditions is installed downstream each set of atmospheric vaporizers. Heated natural gas is supplied to a custody transfer unit and after that it is fed to consumers via gas transmission pipeline network.


Storage tank unit volume________________________________________________50 m3

Maximum LNG volume available in the tank at rated filling factor 0.9_____________45 m3

Maximum LNG weight available in the tank at rated  filling factor 0.9 and pressure 765 mm Hg______________________________________________________________18900 kg

Number of LNG storage tanks_____________________________________________3 pcs.

Number of vaporizers in a set_____________________________________________2 pcs.

Power of one electric natural gas heater ____________________________________52 kW

LNG storage tank operating pressure_____________________________________0.6 MPa

Natural gas supply pressure____________________________________________0.3 MPa

Gas temperature at electric heater outlet__________________________from -10 to +20 °С

Natural gas supply capacity, rated basic____________________________2000 nm3/hour

Natural gas supply capacity, rated peak, not more than 4 hours with a break for at least 16 hours_______________________________________________________2400 nm3/hour

LNG ISRS annual utilization (planned)_______________________________________85 %

Annual capacity by regasificated LNG____________________________________8400 tons

Quantity of operating personnel________________________________________6 persons

Area of process site with process equipment installed_________________________0.11 ha 

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